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    I think this has come up before, but I'm too lazy to look it up, and busy, uh, restoring patches on my pre after the update :-D

    I use 'sticky notes' from the gnome panel. You're not allowed to bask in webos's goodness unless you use linux, right? :-p
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    Everything -- App Catalog (paid & free), Homebrew & Patches -- listed on ClassicNote.

    (... come to think of it, these should also be listed on my laptop, in case something goes wrong with my Pre ... like a glitch from an update?? lol)
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    Use the tasks App it has checkboxes that you can use to keep up w/ the patches that have been ported to the next OTA
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    2sslow said it 1st, but that's how I have mine listed as well. Tasks App is the way to go!
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    screenshot in preware
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    Memory... only 'cause I've had to reinstall them so many times!
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    I put mine in Evernote.

    That way I have them on my Pre and my desktop.
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