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    I dont know if this is possible, I will leave that up to the webos internals guys...hopefully they will provide their input.

    Is it possible to create an iPhone emulator so we can run all of their apps. That would really be a windfall. Hopefully, someone has an answer.
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    This will never happen, both from a technical standpoint, but also from a copyright standpoint. Sorry.
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    The phone is not powerful to properly emulate iPhone OS. The iPhone's specs are too close to the Pre's, so it would be unusably laggy and extremely bog down WebOS.

    Besides, the only current way to emulate iPhone OS is on an intel Mac. Pre's have a different chipset and OS kernel. The only kinda-not feasible way to get it done is to hack iPhone OS on a Pre in dual-boot manner, but that's not gonna happen.

    It's pretty much never gonna happen, sorry.
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    It's been discussed.

    In short: no.
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    Well, not a traditional emulator, but you could have a "compatibility layer" like how WINE lets you run Windows apps on Linux without emulating the processor.

    If someone reimplemented all the iPhone APIs, you could run iPhone apps on your Pre and it'd be mostly legal -- although you'd still have to get the apps, most of which you can only legally get from Apple's App Store for the foreseeable future.

    Not that it'll happen any time soon, due to the massive amount of work involved.

    An open source Android compatibility layer is more likely, since most of Android is open source. I've heard that Android has a number of non-standard hooks into the Linux kernel that would probably make it more painful than necessary, but give it enough time and I'm sure some open source hackers will try to make an portable Android app launcher that works on jailbroken iPhones and maybe the Pre.

    Of course it cuts both ways -- it'd probably be even easier to get WebOS apps running in a compatibility/emulation layer on the iPhone or Android since WebOS apps are mostly HTML and Javascript.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenoyster View Post
    Not that it'll happen any time soon, due to the massive amount of work involved.
    It's not that it won't happen any time soon.

    It's that it won't happen ever.

    I'm not saying that something which functions as a compatibility layer the way wine does isn't possible, I'm just saying that I'd bet my right testicle that it will never happen. It would be a monumental undertaking in the extreme, and I would be shocked beyond all imagining if there was a single person on the entire planet who had the ability to do this, and felt it was a remotely worthwhile investment for their time.

    It would probably take the entire WebOS internals team, as gifted as they are, several years to make this happen. Imagine what they could do in that time with WebOS software and native apps. Just look at what has happened in the days since 1.3.5 was released; doom, quake, SuperTux, and I believe I read in the precorder wiki that they are on the right track to get a proper live view built into precorder.

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