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    I just ran webOS doctor (version 1.3.5) and found that my media partition was left completely untouched. From a gig of music to my linked email every last thing was still there. Even my Gameboy and NES emulator are fine which are located in the /media/cf/ folder. I tested it and even my saved Pokemon Crystal game was left intact. Just trying to figure out how and why this happened. I'm so happy right now that i didn't loose my data but also completely confused as to why the media partition did not get wiped. If it helps I was having problems with the app catalog after running epr last night. The catalog would not launch and also half my patches didn't install properly either.
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    Since WebDr 1.3.1, Webdr versions are no longer erasing/full wipe on the Pre's. USB partition is left untouched. Apps, including homebrew apps, are also untouched. This has become troublesome as those remaining apps, patches, themes,etc could be part of the problem. You can try a partial erase or a full erase from your Pre.

    See here:

    You'd have to use Webdr 1.2.1 to do a clean install (including media/usb partitions) and then update to the current WebOS or use Jason's Repair Utility (once it's ready for 1.3.5. Jason is working on this version and it should be out soon)
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    did not know that thanks for the info. I haven't doctored my phone in a couple of months so I guess I missed something. Everything worked out fine though.

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