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    It is quite strange that Google maps can automatically collect location and timint information while WebOS struggles to do so, if the network provider does not send this data. I have experienced this in two European countries now (wrong time and zone). This is pretty lame for an Evernet phone with GPS.
    Are there any hidden switches or apps that pull this info from the satellites or the web?
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    I've asked this question a couple of times. I've suffered from some massive time changes on my Pre (One night, it was 5hrs slow... I'd been asleep for 6.5hrs! I nearly missed work!). Even if Palm are too lazy to build in a web based time sync, I'm sure one of our talented resident coders can develop a patch/app that can do the same.
    (Or at least, I am hoping so!)
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    I had the same problem as Ben K. I downloaded an app from the store called Clock Sync which works ok for me (yeah it cost money, but not as much as missing work!).

    The only problem I have with it is that obviously when the Palm disconnects from the network, the clock does not update. But I guess that is a seperate issue.

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