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    Is it just me or did the new update mess up all of my moblyng games?? My dungeon quest, m:vampire and m:mafia games don't work anymore. All I get is a white screen! I can see my stats but I can hoose to do a quest or fight or anything like that! I just started to enjoy these games and all of a sudden there goes my progress! I earned 50,000,000 cash in dungeon quest but I can't put it in the bank!

    What should I do?? What can I do to save my games? Did this happen to anybody else?

    Please help
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    What's your avatar? I'll go fight you and take the 50,000,000. Just kidding. Same thing happened to me. The lobotomized tech support at Palm chat was leading me down the path to using WebOS Doctor, but that's not the problem. The update installed as designed, Palm just didn't give any advance notice to the application development community so they could keep their programs working with the update.

    Does anyone know if there's a way to uninstall an update?
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    Looks like those games were patched today. I would download the game updates and try them again.
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    mine still has a white screen
    i did both app store and os update very confusing only had pre two weeks
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    i got the same problem.

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