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    I was able to fix the MS Exchange items not showing up in the calendar by turning off network time and changing the date back and forth. however, now email is telling me my exchange certificate is invalid! What can I do?
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    Strange. Double-check to make sure the date is correct on your phone. It should have only given you that error while you were setting the date back to 2009, assuming you first changed the month like I did. That temporarily set the date to Dec 2010, as it updates the date as soon as you change a value, and the certificate was rejected due to date out of range (expired most likely). As soon as I changed the month, the phone started trying to sync and update reminders, etc (real pain in the rear). After I changed the year back to 2009, the certificate error went away. Probably would save some trouble to turn data off or using airplane mode while changing the date, and then turn it back on when you're done.
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    Make sure that in the 'date & time' app that you have changed the year back to 2010. Since the PRE was new last year (June)...most of our company-issued certificates were not active until then. If the date still shows 2009, that is likely the issue.
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    Mine did the same thing...I did a soft reset and the error message went away.

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