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    I just got finished doing the latest firmware update. I read somewhere that I needed to delete all of my patches before I install the update. I did and wrote down all of the patches I had.

    I have deleted and reinstalled Preware but cannot install patches. I can install themes from Preware, but not patches.

    Help without my patches, I am unhappy.

    Help me unscrew myself.

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    I am having the same trouble!
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    did you guys use web doctor? What does it say in preware when you try to install.
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    Alright, I just got finished working it all out. I needed to hard reset my phone (sucks I know) under device info. Then I downloaded the newest webosdoctor. I ran that. After that I had to start from scratch with my palm profile. It installed all of my backed up data.

    Remeber when you are running webos doctor, you need to be in developer mode. After the Dr. use webos quick install, latest version, to install preware and package manager.

    After all of this I can now install all of my patches. It took me about 3 hours to get it all figured out and now I need to download 35 patches.

    Good luck, just remember to restart phone between each step to make sure you are getting a clean start.


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