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    I don't know how to program, but if I did I think I'd try this- I'd add functionality to the calendar by showing phonecall history. So by looking at my calendar I can see that I talked to my friend/client last week- maybe just with the picture found in Contacts for that person, or by listing the person's name & the time of call. I'd be able to tap on that and add appointments/reminders/contact details like birthdays & anniversaries that would then become a reminder in the Calendar on that date, etc. There would also be options to contact by phone/text/email, which would launch the appropriate card. I'm thinking how I don't currently use the Pre's Calendar, but if it had this kind of integration, I just might find it useful and fun to use. I'd be really psyched if someone in this great homebrew community would be willing to try putting a patch or something together. Let me know...I can't write the code, but I have some decent ideas. Happy 2010!!!
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