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    I've got a Sprint Palm Pre and updated to 1.3.5 the day it came out. I removed all patches before updating and the phone has been working great.

    This weekend, I'm out of the Sprint coverage area for the new year festivities and I'm roaming. I have data roaming turned on in Phone > Preferences

    However, I'm unable to get a data connection. Not even a 1x connection. I've been able to get a data connection at this location before and my wife's Sprint Touch Pro is able to get a data connection.

    I was able to get an EV connection last night by turning data usage off and then back on. However, I lost it again, today and am unable to get it back.

    Once again, this didn't happen with previous versions of WebOS in this same location.

    Any ideas?

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    have you applied the roam only patch? That might help you out.
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    I haven't applied that patch. I'll check into it.
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    Alright, I'm finally back at a wifi hotspot.

    I used my laptop and the WebOS Quick Install to install the patch you posted in the other thread because the roam only patch in Preware wasn't working for me.
    I'm able to see the "Roam Only" option in the phone preferences, now but the setting won't "stick." I can select it from the drop-down, close preferences and then come back to the phone preferences and it still says "automatic."

    There are times I can get an EV signal (I'm on a Verizon tower that used to be Alltel) and it seems to stick for a little while; until I restart the phone, turn wifi on and then off, or plug the phone into my laptop.

    Thank goodness I'm headed home tomorrow. I would sure like to get this figured out, though.
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    You need to download the one I uploaded last night that one fixes the not sticking problem. I deleted the first one which it seems like you are trying to install.

    I am attaching it to this post.
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    Thanks for the quick response. Any chance you have a direct link to it?
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    I included it in my post above.
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    Thanks a lot. I got the patch installed and indeed, the setting now "sticks." Thanks a bunch.

    I'm getting a data connection more consistently now, however it is limited to 1x when I'm in "roaming only" mode.

    I'm not sure why, but if I wait long enough (say half an hour or more) I can sometimes get a data signal that is EV. Unfortunately, I can't find a pattern to these anomalies.

    Anyway, thanks for your help. A slow connection is better than no connection. It will help during the ride home.
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    The roam only patch works in both quickinstall and preware. I installed it today and it works fine. I did however have to restart my phone before it showed up.

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