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    can any tell me plz i am new to havin a palm pre can sum 1 give me step from step n which apps i got to put on my phn to use this function thats if u know how to i c alot of youtube videos that can play doom or mario hell i ve seen 1 play a ps3 game on the phn kinda like playn a psp game but im not a comp whiz so thats why im askn i dnt understand half this programs i put on my phn already . or if u know any apps kinda like the iphn wit the shotgun or dice game where u shake tha phn that would b kool to if any1 could help plz email me at thanx jtense @ aol . com
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    yesh same here... I'd like to know where n how I ca get them... Thxs..
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    yesh same here... I'd like to know where n how I ca get them... Thxs..
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    Preware will get you access to Doom, most other games are not available but possible. However you can expect that beyond the power of a snes, you won't be able to emulate games on a mobile device. This is because emulators process much more information than the original system. You will never see the ps3 on a pre, a PSP is unreasonable as well.

    Most games are just beginning to arive on WebOS, but currently you have any javascrpt based games from the web, and a few on homebrew and the official app catalog.
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    Kewl, now just got to figure out the buttons for doom!
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    looks like Beta testers wanted for NesEm app
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    Look up NES and GameBoy Emulators at Webos Internals.

    Been playing Pokemon Gold on my Pre for about a week now. Just make sure you know all the legal info about ROMs and such.

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