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    I have a strange problem with the contacts (gsm german 1.3.1):

    I have contacts in which I store the phone numbers twice, once as a standard IDD number, "+" + country + city + number.

    The other is basically the same number with a discount code, "018" + country + city + number.

    I find that all my contacts with these set of numbers only show one phone number, the "018" number. I can only see the other number when I do an edit.

    I seems like the webOS can detect that this is a duplicate number (although one starts with + and the other starts with 018) and only should one of the number.

    At first I thought its the fields having issues, so when I changed the IDD number to a random number, both entries appear in the contacts for dialling.

    The reason why I need to maintain the same number with 2 prefix is that one is for voice dialing and the other is for sms.

    Anyone have any idea what is going on?
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    You mean nobody have this problem yet? Strange...

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