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    I infact think that Sony Ericsson should buy Palm - they severely lack a good OS and they could integrate PS3 functions into WebOS the way they did with the SE-Aino..
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    I would be scared if Microsoft acquired Palm or anything similar. As soon as Microsoft got their hands on Danger (think T-Mobile Sidekicks), things started screwing up pretty bad. Only thing that really messed with me was the lack of data for 2 weeks, which is a deal breaker since I am hard of hearing and never use the phone part. Well, that and the TTY/Relay apps on the phone require a data connection. For that time I had a nice paperweight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcoast0 View Post
    I agree with this thread. Ms. And palm would be a perfect match and plus they could learn from each other a little bit. If that happened then we have ourselves the best phone.
    They would be the worst match. Homebrew would be gone in a second! The OS would crash all the time. Bugs would never get fixed. It'd be even slower than it is now. Brilliant ideas like synergy would disappear as MS likes to push you only toward their technologies (like MS exchange only for the calendar). Google searching would be gone and replaced by the overrated Bing. The proposed flash integration would disappear and be replaced by silverlight. Videos would be in wmv format. Everything would be DRM'd.

    Only ONE thing would get better: API documentation. MS is AMAZING at API documentation and tutorials. Everything else? HORRIBLE.
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