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    Can someone explain hardware accelerated to me. They keep using the term when referring to the new DOOM app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by piaband View Post
    Can someone explain hardware accelerated to me. They keep using the term when referring to the new DOOM app.
    There a bunch of thread about your question, search GPU for some good reads.
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    Hardware acceleration is doing something in hardware that otherwise would require software and extra time using the general CPU.

    It can apply to display, as we are with the GPU on the Pre, or with other decoding. In the past, computers didn't have the power to decode MPEG2 in software for playing DVDs. So early DVD upgrade kits often had hardware acceleration in the form of chipsets that could do the MPEG2 decoding.

    For the advantages of a GPU in the Pre, this might help: Graphics processing unit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    In plain terms, hardware accelerated means that the graphics processing unit (GPU) is being used to run some of the application's code. You can say that something is hardware accelerated if any hardware (besides the central processing unit--CPU) speeds up execution of an application.

    In the case of the DOOM app, the three-dimensional rendering of graphics scenes is very processor-intensive. If the Pre's CPU had to do all the work alone, the game would run very slowly and there would not be much power left to run anything else. The big deal here is that webOS has now been updated to include some of the libraries of code that programmers need for accessing the GPU directly.

    The Pre has the same guts as an iPhone, so the same power exists in it. The problem has been that application developers have not had any way to access the GPU because Palm has yet to release/create the application programming interfaces (APIs)--those libraries I spoke of earlier--so that developers can create the fancy, higher-powered applications/games that are present on the iPhone.

    Hope that clears it up for you. Just know that as webOS matures there will be better apps.
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    To see some hardware acceleration in action, take your pre and fling it across the room.

    sorry, had to.
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    I thought that was crime deterrent, not hardware acceleration(if you have not seen that sprint commercial, click )

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