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    I was wondering if people could test how long it takes for a variety of their apps to load from touch to full load.

    I get about 2 seconds phone, paratrooper mini.

    I get about five seconds for camera

    I get about six seconds for email, messaging, contacts, calendar, photo, music, music remix, agenda, dr. podder, cowtasks, tilt GT.

    These were the times I get while my phone was data and voice roaming. My data displayed that it was at 1xrtt.

    I was hoping to get an idea of how long it took other people to load some of these common apps.

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    From the moment the "Glow" appears on the icon, to the moment the card slides into full view:

    1 Second: Phone
    3 Seconds: Camera
    4 Seconds: Email, Messaging, Contacts, Videos, Dr. Podder
    5 Seconds: Calendar, Photos, Music (Remix)

    All on local WiFi and EvDO with 2-5 signal bars fluctuating and sitting on the Touchstone.
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    that sure seems slow latenite....I get 3 seconds on the photos and calendar, I don't have music so probably no point in me measuring that. Is that with no other apps open? My camera takes between 2-3 seconds...maybe a function of how many apps you have? I have roughly 30 downloaded apps. (not counting original apps out of box)
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    in my case I did the test with no other app open. I have about 45 apps dowloaded.
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    Patches are something to note as well! Which patches would be nice....

    After fresh reboot no other cards
    Phone: 2 alligators
    Messaging:6 alligators
    Camera: 7 alligators
    Browser: 5 alligators
    Email: 4 alligators
    Launcher: a really small baby alligator

    I have 33 apps according to Preware
    I have the ZomPre theme installed
    I have 40 Patches including:
    3k autoreplace
    add date mm/dd
    advanced phone menu
    allow browser in low mem
    audio/video attachments
    battery as % icon
    brightness in device menu
    Capture with volume keys
    copy url to clipboard
    delete email from notification
    dialpad tones off
    disable charging sounds(why palm why?)
    enable messaging landscape
    enable PDF landscape
    Youtube landscape
    led notifcations
    enter key for new line (anyone not using this?)
    GestureClick for context(palm will adopt this im sure)
    hide music player
    hyperlinks in description
    match state to area code
    no alert during call
    personal avatar to left side
    read delete all email
    reduce min brightness
    select alert and Notification tones
    show actual batter percent
    show download count
    shutter sound off
    swipe to delete contacts
    swipe to delete video
    timestamps clean
    unthrottle download manager
    video downloads
    virtual keyboard
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    That's a good point about how many patches are installed. I have about 8.
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    My device is completely patch and theme free

    Email 2 seconds
    Calendar 3 seconds
    Camera 3 seconds
    Web 2 Seconds
    Paratrooper 2 Seconds
    Music 2 Seconds
    Phone less than 1 second

    Everything seems very snappy to me. Happy camper here
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    wow you are getting some great response with your phone. i guess mines a little loaded up compared to you.

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