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    Silly question but I am going to be getting another Pixi per some battery problems with the one I have. Before I exchange it I would like to backup all of my contacts onto my computer. Is that what this guide refers to?

    The guide doesn't specify what exactly is backed up with a palm profile backup, but I would assume it would be all contacts, correct?
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    "The file /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3 is an sqlite database file that appears to contain much of the personal data stored on the Pre. The information in this database, which has about 100 tables, includes contacts, events, account credentials, and call logs."

    PalmDatabase.db3 File - WebOS Internals
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    I would hope however that you have that info backed up somewhere else as well. we have 2 pre's in my house, and while one has been restored with all info after a webos dr visit, the other which was swapped lost contacts forever. we now make sure our contact info is in gmail, which in turn is synced with outlook on the desktop (or address book on the mac) just to be sure.

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    yeah. i wouldn't trust your Palm profile as a primary backup. I would change it so that google or Yahoo is your default backup. They are more reliable. The rule is that all data should be stored in at ltast two places. i think how Shcole is doing it is a good way.

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