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    I am looking for an application that works on Palm Pre for CCTV remote monitoring. I have an 8 camera system on my home that I would like to monitor when I am on business travelling. Can anyone help, suggest or a Palm Application programmer create one for the Pre. I am more than happy to help with the creation of a new app. Thank you in advance.

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    are these IP cameras or some kind of DVR system? You may want to check with the manufacturer to see if they are developing something, I work for a company that sells CCTV systems and we have contacted our manufacturers to develop apps, since they already have a BB, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Nokia App.
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    Most systems today come with a mini web server that provide browser based access to the video stream(s) and some even include PTZ control, history search and more with just a browser.
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    Yes, this IP Cameras are on a Aposonic A-S0801R8 8 Channel H.264 Pentaplex Standalone DVR and is 3GPP & Java/iPhone/Mobile Phone Live View - Ready. I have tried setting it up with my P-PRE and all has fail.
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    Thank for the info. This system came with a little program called "MOBILE_VIEWER' however, in accordance with the instructions, this little prg is for Windows Mobile Bases Phones only.

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