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    I am lurker often using you guys to answer my questions and fix my goof ups.
    I would like to give back a little.

    I reset my phone with webosdr before my install of 1.3.5. I like many people lost all of my contacts. I spent 2 hours with tech support and got an answer and an explanation that makes sense.

    In order to get all of my information back I had to erase my current accounts and reintroduce them. (gmail-facebook-linkedin-exchange) The program has a hard time recognizing that I have no information visible or on device and doesn't import information that isnt "new" or updated so left all the old stuff there.

    My profile only kept the information about the links and associations between this data that was still stored off site. When the information was re-introduced to my pre all of connections were returned. I have all of the contacts that I almost had to drive into a bridge embankment over.

    Thanks Palm. Thanks IT. I hope this shows up in a search for the next poor sucker that lost their contacts.

    If this isnt clear (likely) hassle me and I will explain better.

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    I actually had a similar problem upon getting a replacement pre this morning. Only my facebook contacts showed up after setting up my new Pre. I freaked out of course over the loss of my 120+ contacts from my gmail. Alas, deleting g-mail off the Pre and re-introducing it solved this problem as well. And the profile saved the links so that when the info came back to the Pre all the profiles were still linked together correctly. Yay!!

    I can feel you, I almost drove into the Gulf on my way home over this...

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