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  • Yes, the design is better than before.

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    I was wondering what everyone thinks of the redesign of the App Catalog now that webOS 1.3.5 has come to the Pre and Pixi.

    I for one think it is a downgrade. There may not be much that has changed, but when looking at the screen for an individual app, there is a lot that just doesn't seem right to me.

    The new thumbnail behavior. Only one larger thumbnail instead of three smaller ones. I don't necessarily mind that the thumbnail is easier to see what's going on without needing to enlarge, but it is horribly offset by the big empty space that is to the right of it, above the star rating. That is such an unsightly aesthetic that I can't believe it got a green-light.

    Also, why do the previews cycle through the images like in a slideshow. This forces users to sit at the main screen waiting for an image to change, when they could just tap the preview and view the images full screen. A user will also immediately scroll down to view the app description, so they might not even notice the cycling of the previews at all.

    And why should you have to tap the App name to get the date, version number and file size? Again, I feel as though people may not even realize you can do this. If you're going to hide info, at least hide *more* info. Like give us the original date the app became available AND the last date it was updated. That seems kind of useful to me.

    The app description text has also been increased. This to me makes it seem like an ugly web page with the text size blown up so old people, or those who can't see well could view it better. It looks amateurish.

    If I had access to improving the layout of the screen where you're looking at App info, I would make it so that the image preview could scroll through by swiping within the thumbnail. No enlarging necessary. Just swipe your finger over the thumbnail and the next one is displayed. Either that or add a <- and -> button (think web browser buttons but smaller) right below the image to move back and forth between images in the thumbnail size.

    Next, Move the star rating to the top of the section to the right of the preview and move the number of reviews to the right of the stars. Underneath keep the "reviews" and "share" buttons, but also add similarly sized buttons for "Web page" and "Support" and remove the links at the bottom of the description. This would make for a much more uniform and streamlined appearance.
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    Please note: I'm not asking for opinions about the new features that the App Catalog now brings, such as background downloading of apps, etc. I appreciate the new *features* that are available now. I just think the design is terrible.
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    I like the new features (background downloading!) but I'm not a fan of the new design. The old design seamed much more space-efficient if you ask me.
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    I like that the App Catalog is a lot faster and the background downloading is a nice feature. However, I agree with the OPs criticisms and suggestions regarding the thumbnails, star ratings and version numbers.
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    I voted yes, but the one thing i dislike is the photo of the app. I liked how before the images were overlaying each other.
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    In terms of features and speed (background downloading, extremely snappy performance) the new app catalog is worlds better than the previous one.

    But in terms of visual design, I agree with the OP. I do like the larger screenshot preview, but I also liked the stacked screenshot design from the original App Catalog. Some medium between the two would be better. And yes there is too much empty space next to the screenshot, above the ratings. The larger text is also not as visually appealing.

    Second, why hide version number and size? It only takes up one line. I understand that you can tap the top to reveal these details, but it's not even apparent that one could do this (I had to read it somewhere else). Seems unintuitive and worse, unnecessary.

    Finally, the new shade of blue actually makes it harder to read the white text of the App catalog. It needs to be toned down pronto, back to the shade of blue of the original App Catalog. I don't understand why they decided to do that.

    Oh yeah, search is still broken. You would think searching for "word ace" would bring up the Word Ace app, but nope.
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    the image cycles through screen shots... if theres more then one to show..
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    Palm needs to come up with a color scheme. Like the app store is 3 shades of blue, the dialer is green, the unlock button is yellow, the other programs are in gray or silver, and all the palm stuff is orange....but the app store looks better.
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    Design is fine....simple, easy and quick to read/find what I'm looking for.
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    I enjoy the design being very simple and clean. On the flip side searching for apps is still not really that efficient. They could do a better job. Also what about adding a star or favorite button or something that allows you to come back to it if you don't want to download it now. I often run across an app I like but don't want to buy at that time. So I have to refind that app instead of maybe going into a favorites page or something. This would come in handy when we start creeping up in total apps.
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    The overall visual design is okay. I've seen better and worse.

    The major thing that needs fixing is the search function. It just blatantly misses certain titles and seems to have a bias for paid titles versus free ones. It won't bring up most demo/free versions in the search results.

    If I want to find Crosswords (or Crossword Lite), I have to browse to Games/Puzzles/Word Games to find it. A search yields nothing. Searching for the game's creator (Stand Alone) also yields nothing.

    I don't know what search algorithm Palm is using, but it's going to be a real problem as the catalog grows if they don't fix it.
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    I still think the shade of blue is too light. Doesn't blend well with the white text.
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    I'm really surprised to see more people voting for liking the new design better. I cant imagine what's to like better about the things they've changed so I'm just going to chalk it up to a few anomalies like:

    people either not caring or not noticing and just saying they like it anyway.

    people thinking that I'm asking if they like the updated features and not the actual visual design of the catalog.

    Posters like ryleyinstl said the "design is fine"... I also think it's "fine" but that's not what I was asking. I was asking if the slight changes they made to the design of the catalog are better or worse, and I think they are worse. Doesn't seem like many people are posting to defend their opinion of why they apparently like it better but I'm stubbornly going to admit that I can't see how anyone could possibly like the catalog better now.
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