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    Anyone else forget to undo the WiFi patch before "upgrading" to 1.3.5? I did not and now Mytether and Mycamera won't work at all nor can I undo the patch now. Someone please help so I don't have to see the doctor tonight.
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    well doesnt look good for you. u can try running emergency patch remove or webos repair utility but most likely it will be the doctor u need to see but the my tether works with 1.3.5 you have to reinstall it. well at least the paid version works. other then that there is just webos repair utility u can run. u will find it here but it just will work with 1.3.1
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    just try a partial erase and go from there
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    just in case , device info...reset options ...partial erase.
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    i read that if you uninstall my tether and then reinstall it you can remove the patch. I'm not by my computer to test it. I'm in the same boat. let me know if it works
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    I did the same thing.

    webOS doctor is not that bad. It didnt take long for me. and I swear my phone is faster now. U may want to wait a day to do the webOS update though. that took a long time. I guessing its because the servers are being hit pretty hard.
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    This time around we are lucky that it did not birck the phones next time remember to remove the patch! now to fix your issue you will need to reinstall mytether perhaps uninstall and install again in the worst case. and you should be able to remove the patch and all functionality to mytether should be restored.

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