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    Is this normal behavior now? Wifi used to turn off and disconnect when the phone's screen turned off and not charging. Now wifi stays connected...
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    Its a new feature of 1.3.5.

    And very welcomed, i might add
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    The WiFi is on with only packets targeted at the Pre. This allows it to process less while in sleep mode, but most likely save battery over what it would otherwise use 3G for.
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    I think it's killing battery life!!! Unitended effect?
    As far as I can tell WiFi uses less juice than EV so I'd assume it's the opposite actually. You'll really notice a difference if you're in one of sprints... Shoddier service areas.
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    This is great, no longer a quickly draining battery when in low service in my basement.
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    yesterday i went from 8am to 2 am and still had 30% battery left. plenty of surfing, emails, texts and chats going on. Also left and used BT in the car (no calls just connection). i think its a good improvement.
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    Wifi absolutely was a battery saver for me before 1.3.5. Now with wifi on my battery is draining @ over 20% per hour. My Pre is configured exactly as it was before 1.3.5.
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    Yeah my battery seems to be draining a bit quicker with wifi on after 1.3.5, but it's not more than about 2% per hour increase with zero use. When before 1.3.5 I might have a drain of 2-3% per hour now it's about 5%. It seems like a good feature, but why is it that some people have a larger drain and some have less of a drain than before?
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    As far as I can tell WiFi uses less juice than EV so I'd assume it's the opposite actually
    Wifi does use less power, but 3G AND Wifi used to turn off when in standby, but now only 3G turns off, so you're still draining more power... albeit a very small amount. I haven't noticed any big changes.

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