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    Now that there's no limit I've been on an app installing binge for the past hour installing everything that's free (plus everything I purchased previously since I had to do a partial reset to overcome the recurrent 'system restart required' message - apparently this might have to do with preware?)

    THis is REALLY fun since you can now click download and gesture back and keep downloading more and more and more. It queues and keeps installing them in teh background. Sweet!!

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    lol... I never install apps I won't use.
    So... I probably won't be downloading anything.
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    Find any good ones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tarirene View Post
    Find any good ones?
    yeah I get the sarcasm. But one problem before was that you couldn't tell what it was since there was NO ROOM to install it. At least now people can try out a few different apps.
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    Typing is a weird medium... I wasn't being sarcastic, I was genuinely curious. I'm one of the people stuck with the (for now) unfixable "Install failed" problem with the app catalog and I'm doctoring my phone now, so the question was also tinged with a little envy.

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