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    I just updated to 1.3.5 and gave it my acid test (calendar) and it appears to pass with flying colors!

    No more grayed out screen when swiping to the next date. Date appears instantaneously! Looks like the update caches a few dates to speed things up.

    Good job PALM!

    I'm running out of things to complain about!!!
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    I'm real happy about this too!
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    Best thing about today's update
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    I just wish my entries would show up on the right day
    no 'Thanks'
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    I sync mine with google calendar and it still does not do reminders correctly. Before, on 1.2.1 it would, on 1.3.1 some appointments would remind me 1 hour before the appointment (even though they are set to remind me 15 mins before the appointment). Today 1 appointment reminded me correctly, but 3 others gave no reminders. Not sure what is going on, but majority of these are reoccurring appointments I had when on 1.2.1 that worked correctly. Maybe I will try to re-sync with google calendar.

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