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    this all sounds greek to me. I tried a pre last summer and took it back within a week because I would just be around town using the phone for a few minutes here and there and it wouldn't even last 4 hours battery wise. I heard they improved it so I gave in and tried again. I love the whole idea of the phone and no other phones even come close for personal reasons. I figure if I can't get this one to work for me I'll just trade for another centro.

    Well I'm having issues again. The battery life is longer but now I keep getting a black out screen when I close the keypad and have to restart the phone. So I'm googling and find this forum. But now I'm completely lost. All these issues and 'patches'. Is this something I need to do to 'fix' it. Do I just randomly find all the patches and apply them even if I don't have that problem at the moment?

    Help a 'newbie' out?
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    That's a fairly common issue, from what Ive seen mostly on earlier pre's. I'd do a quick search but I believe it has something to do with the battery not fitting tight enough and the closing action causing it to lose a connection. Personally I'd take it in and see if they can't replace it for you or if you're willing there's a DIY solution somewhere in here.

    BTW: Patches make the Pre the great phone that it is IMHO, you'd do good just to start clicking on topics and give em a read. That's what I did when I got mine a few months back and it's helped tons. That being said, most of the patches don't really "fixing" anything so much as letting you customize the phone to your liking.
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    Definitely a known issue. I agree that you should take it in for a replacement. I also did the click-on-topics thing and learned tons about what I could do to make the phone perfect for me. Try the "How-To" topics for Homebrew, Themeing, Preware, and WebOSQuickInstall.
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    I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but I take it the phone isn't just in standby? Pressing the power button once (on the top right hand shoulder of the Pre) will wake the phone up again once you've closed the keyboard.

    Otherwise, what xome1983 is right. Personally I would return the phone and get it exchanged.

    Alternatively you can fit a small wedge of paper or card inside the battery bay to close the gap and prevent the connection being broken.

    The solution is here:
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    SqyArc no its not just going in to standbye. It has no response once the gray screen comes up. I'm going to have my husband and son look over everything and help me figure it all out. Thanks so much for your help!
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    Not sure how good of a solution this would be for you. But I bought a plastic shell for my Pre. After slapping it on I noticed the two piece shell sort of binds upon open/close. Not to a point where it's hard to open/close, but binding just enough so you don't get that slamming that usually causes the Pre to black out. Hope this helps...
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    take it into sprint and have the newer battery put in, it is free fix.
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    def. take and get a new battery
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I ordered a case off ebay, and I'll take it in for a new battery thanks!

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