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    Hi there,

    I have copied some thai songs to my palm pre, but they are showing up as blank letters. The songs still play,but they are not showing the thai characters.

    Does anyone know how I can solve this?

    Kelvin Wong
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    Has anyone succeeded in getting WebOS to display Thai characters yet?
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    I got WebOS to display Thai Characters in the browser. Not sure about music/songs

    Here's how I did it.

    I finally figured out how today after messing with it for a few hours (I have an HP Touchpad with WebOS3). So I'll post it here for future reference to help anyone else out.

    Before you install Hebrew Fonts onto your webOS device (HP TouchPad, Palm Pre2, Palm Pre3, HP Veer) make sure you’ve done the following steps:

    1. Turn on Developer mode. This is done by just typing the konami code in to the search.
    Youtube: Palm Pre Konami Code = Dev Mode - YouTube

    2. Install webOS Quick Install
    WebOS Quick Install v4.2.3

    Proceed once the above two have been successfully completed.

    3. download the Thai Font: Heisei_Kaku_Gothic_nb.ttf
    Link: Heisei_Kaku_Gothic_nb.ttf - - online file sharing and storage - download

    4. Open webOS Quick Install.

    5. After webOS Quick Install connects with your Phone/Tablet -- go to Tools -> Send File

    6. Select the file you downloaded - Heisei_Kaku_Gothic_nb.ttf

    7. Select destination folder to: /usr/share/fonts

    8. Press send to device button. - Device should say "successfully sent"

    9. Restart the device – enjoy Thai…
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    Sawadee Krub

    I did what you've posted above but still could not type Thai on my Touchpad. Please advise.

    Kob Khun Mak krub
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    Update: Thank you very much. I now can read Thai on my Touchpad but hope to be able to type Thai too. Any advice will be appreciated.
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    This works for me. Thank you so much!!!

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