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    Several weeks back I wiped and reloaded moving to a different Pre (a spare new one). When I signed back into my Palm profile and restored my Pre, lots of stuff was missing. That was then...

    Yesterday, my wife ran over her Pre (long story, and she almost cried when I told her the Pre was laying in the driveway, face down with tire marks on the back rubberized cover). Thankfully, we have a spare brand new Pre (just for this kinda thing), but I was using it. So, I backed up my Pre, her Pre, then did a full erase on mine and my old one. Did the restore using our Palm profiles and WHALA! almost everything was back! YAY!!!

    My applications (through the app catalog), e-mail / synergy accounts (even prompted me for the passwords for each), my memos (notes) and even all my cookies!!!...and the bookmarks too, of course.

    So, it looks like Palm is making some great progress on the backup method, thanks Palm!
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    Well according to my friend (a sprint service rep [aka salesman]) the backup issues were mainly people who didnt update from 1.2.1 idk how true that is but glad someonehad something good to say about palm
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    Quote Originally Posted by rog47776 View Post
    So, it looks like Palm is making some great progress on the backup method, thanks Palm!
    That's good to hear ... I suspect that they will (eventually) make the Palm Profile a reasonably solid choice.

    But I still wouldn't trust any valuable data to a system where I have no access ... Palm Profile has no export capability. The nice thing about Google (and other sync solutions) is that you can export the data in a format that's generally useful. That way you can maintain a secondary backup and possibly transfer it to a different system if you want.
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    If "Murpy's Law" applies to anything, it's difinitely anything to do with computers. Everyone should have at least 2 backup contingencies, better yet 3. People come on this forum complaining about how Palm lost thousands of business contacts. Really? You have thousands of business contacts and you only have 1 backup plan? How long have you been using computers? If there is one thing you can count on in life, your computer is going to crash (yes the Pre is a computer).
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    Yes, bad is wen you have only one copy of your stuff and your system dies. Worse, is when it dies and you sue because you only had one copy.
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    so after last update, says backup is on but doesn't backup. Have to do it manually.
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    its a daymare !!
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    Night and Daymare.!!! palm lost all the info of all the apps i purchased and now not only will they not refund me or attach the apps to my profile (as i have all the worthless palm receipts) but they want me to contact the developers and have them do something about it!!!

    Palm YOUR Backup SUX!!!
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    same here man. I'm sure the palm backup will work well but its still a hit or miss thing.

    I think (myself and others) the anger in the palm commutity about the profile is that palm took the steps to write the desktop transfer assistant, and yet didn't finish the code for it to work back. They endorse 3rd party programs when they included it for years with palmOs and wimo.

    yes it still irritates me. Hopefully it is coming soon, as numerous palm techs said it was.
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    I'm insanely jealous of your good fortune.

    I tried to recover all my stuff from Palm and I had nothing except the apps from the app catalog. Granted the phone would not backup on it's own but every few days I'd manually do it.

    I used an app to have a "physical" copy on my laptop... Unfortuantely it was either corrupted when it was created or my hard drive, and thumb drives are failing.

    I'm glad it worked for you though!

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