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    I have three pages:
    1. Utilities
    2. Games
    3. System
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    you should use the 4x4 v3 patch it works great
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    Hold on there bubba boy...
    How can you have more than three pages? I thought I read that you can only have three. Someone please enlighten me how to add pages.

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    There's a patch to allow you to add and delete pages. Check out WebOSQuickInstall and Preware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amjz View Post
    1. Productivity/Multimedia Applications
    2. Internet Applications.
    3. Games
    4. Utillities/System Applications.

    Quick Bar:
    Phone :: SMS :: Web :: Camera
    1. Productivity apps, whether built in or downloaded
    2. PreWare, App Catalog, Seldom used, but useful apps
    3. Games
    4. Hardware-type things, System Utilities, etc.

    Quick Bar:
    Phone :: SMS :: Web :: Contacts
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    Ohh, I use just one page so I only have to scroll vertically. May change that someday.
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    1. Productivity (Calendars, Contacts, Checkbook, Camera/Photos, Fillups, memos, tasks, calc, doc/PDF view, clock)
    2. Multimedia (all music, video, podcast, ebook, and SprintNav/Google Maps)
    3. Games, Preware, App Cat, etc.
    4. System Utilities, B/U, Luna Manager, JStop, etc.

    Quick Launcher: Phone, SMS, Music Player Remix, Web
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    1. The stuff I need most often and most quickly: contacts, weather forecast, web, mail, camera, tasks. (max 9 apps, so never any vertical scrolling.)
    2. Entertainment. Time-wasting stuff that I use but don't need quickly, such as Doc Viewer, PDF Viewer, news services, photos, videos, and games.
    3. System stuff (top) and stuff I never use (bottom).
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    1. System utilities
    2. Productivity and PIM (Email, contacts, docs, etc.)
    3. Multimedia (camera, pics, pandora, slacker, dr. Podder, music, media remote etc)
    4. Most used (app catalog, preware, comics, dictionary, engadget, A+ trial, preddit, JSTop, etc)
    5. Games
    6. Location based stuff (google maps, TMaps NY, yelp, geostrings, foursquare, weather apps)
    7. Measurment (timers, clocks, unit converter, battery monitor, fitness, What's for dinner? app)

    I recently just started using 4x4 v2 (I think), with icon labels removed.

    I'm very comfortable with my current arrangement.
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    1. All the non-game apps I've downloaded, but I also include the Phone and App Catalog apps on this page
    2. Games
    3. Built-in apps (top) and unused apps (bottom)
    Quick Post: The quick way to post messages and photos to Twitter & Facebook (video link)
    Music Player (Remix): The next generation music listening experience on webOS (video link)
    GeoStrings: Set location-based reminders and never forget another task (video link)

    Twitter: @Hedami
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    1 page (thanks to the add/delete launcher pages patch) with everything (4x4 v1) listed alphabetically. I usually type the first few letters of the app I need. On occasion, I flick through.

    Quick Launch: Classic - Quick Event - Camera - Email
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    1- Games/Music/Other downloaded apps
    2-- System Apps
    3--- Frequently used apps (Agenda, Weather Channel, Preware, App Catalog...)
    4-- Utilities (Internalz, Mobile Hotspot, Terminal, wIRC...)
    5- System Settings

    I'm using both the 4x4 icons and the reset to middle page.
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    1. Games
    2. Web apps
    3. Utilities
    4. Multimedia
    5. System
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    I was an early (and later) beta tester for LauncherX. It was (and still is on my Zodiac 2) the greatest app I have. Some of its simple features would be nice on the Pre...i.e., when you install a new app, you could just tap and hold the icon, and a dropdown list of available tabs comes up, you select which tab you want the app to go into. And there it goes! Lots of other helpful things...
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    Page 1 - system tools and everything that came installed out of the box (excluding Sprint Nav)
    Page 2 - location-based apps (including Sprint Nav)
    Page 3 - news, weather, and info
    Page 4 - random apps (mostly useful tools like outline, tip calc, ect)
    Page 5 - entertainment (games, music, etc)
    Page 6 - websites (i have my bookmarked pages as icons on my launcher page)

    On my quick launch bar, I have calendar, text, phone, and email.

    I have the patches that hide the icon titles, hide the quick launch bar when launcher open, and go back to top and 1st page.
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    Is the only way to organize your pages by dragging your applications?
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    Cool thread!

    1. Apps\Downloaded Apps
    2. Games
    3. Productivity\Built-in
    4. System\Utils

    Laucher: Phone, Email, Agenda, Music Remix
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    Main - Most Used
    Navigation - GPS based apps
    Reference - Doc View, pdf view Password vault, Weather, Stock Market
    Audio/Visual - Camera, Pictures, Videos, You Tube, Pandora, Radio Time, Dr Podder
    Social Media - Tweed Facebook etc
    Games -
    Unused -
    Control Panel - All system setup, update, catalog programs
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