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    Ok so I have my pre running 1.3.1 and fully up to date. However ever since I upgraded it seems youtube runs weird. Some videos will play straight through no porblems, others will try to buffer and get "this video cannot be played back", others will have the audio cut out but the video plays back all choppy until suddenly the audio reappears and it's back to normal.

    This seems to be an error relating to how it buffers because if you check the slider during that last error it has a huge previous buffer and nothing for what is coming up.

    Now I've had this both on EVDO (Bell) and Wifi (@5+Mbps.) Has anyone else had this error? Anyone have suggestions on how to stop or fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

    (PS. I don't have the CPU scaling mods installed as they cause my pre to get some weird graphic output errors)
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    I have the exact same problem you just described. I usually watch 2 or 3 videos just fine before I start getting these bufering issues, but then it quickly becomes unbearable.

    do you also have the issue where if you try to skip ahead manually a few seconds the blue loading bar just erratically jumps back from the start to where you're trying to watch from?

    why am I not surprised no one has responded to this? I hate this phone more with each passing day.
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    I have not had this issue but does the buffer issue happen on your computer on the same internet connection... Sounds to me like a slow or unreliable DNS... Use OpenDNS on your wifi and try again. For the 3g connection I am unsure.

    Just a suggestion not a solution... Unless it turns out to be this.
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