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    Trying to figure out a way to listen to 1310AM on my Palm Pre. The Website is

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    Try a app called RadioTime...its has US and International Stations
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    I'm hoping that either a palm update or one of these radio apps will figure out how to stream windows media! I've missed The Ticket on my pre since they don't use an MP3 stream. I think the ticket's basic player might work when Flash comes to the pre. I don't think that their new Silverlight player will ever work, but who knows. I needs me sum Ticket though.
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    It kills me that I cant stream KTCK! I had a bberry for years but couldnt stream, and finally about a year ago I found (does not work on the pre). Now I am on the pre and trying everything, Radio Time is a great app for it seems like every station but cumulus!

    I am hoping Flash will fix this.
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    Right there with you. I'm a naval officer and move around. I don't drink coffee. I don't need sex. Sleep is for the birds. But I'll be damned if a daily dose of Gordo isn't my crack!

    Let's go Palm...give us Flash!
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    Do you like this gig?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blakethomas View Post
    Do you like this gig?
    That wasn't the question...

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