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    I searched though the forum but couldn't find this and since its a common thing im guessing i am missing something very easy.

    I had a friend send me a friend request using Google talk but nothing every showed up on the pre to authorize the request or anything. It wasn't until i logged on from my computer that i saw that the friend request was sent.

    I also wanted to send a friend request to someone on yahoo and Google talk but couldn't find out how to do it on the Pre. I can add their IM username into their profile but i couldn't figure out how to actually send the friend request so that i can see if they are online or not.

    After i added the person's info into their contact profile i called them up and they were logged into gtalk but i could not see them online and they couldnt see that im online and nothing popped up in their gtalk about me requesting to add them as a friend?

    what am i missing?
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    its not possible yet add or send friends request on the phone, you need to do all in ur pc!
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    Wow. im surprised at that. Seems like such a basic thing.

    Since ive gotten this phone its replaced most of the basic things i used the computer for (email, casual web browsing, instant messaging, youtube, facebook) that i barely ever get on the computer anymore except when im doing actual work.

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