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    Hi all,

    I'm really getting fed up with:
    - sprintnav speech impediment
    - horrible high-end distortion and clipping when using a2dp or the phone's speaker(it may be with headphones too, but haven't really tried)
    - lagged or nonexistent notification sounds.

    So, I decided to start looking into the pulseaudio config to see if there's anything I can do.

    ** updates **

    I've settled on setting nice to -11, which is default on other linux systems I've used.

    Everything else, I'm using palm's defaults except for the resample method.

    So far, I'm just looking to see if things work, then I'll move onto trying to quantify any differences in quality, if any.

    - ffmpeg: good quality, no issues observed. Sprintnav speech impediment seems to be worse.
    - auto: similar to speex-float-1: No audio on some videos
    - palm: what palm uses by default. We know how this one works already.
    - src-sinc-medium-quality: Ooooh, don't use this one. CPU suckage, video unwatchable :-). So we'll assume high-quality is a total no-go as well.
    - speex-float-1: good quality, but some audio files did not play, and some streaming video had no audio. I'll assume we don't want to go any higher on speex because of CPU usage, either.

    More later.
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    I know very little about coding but thought I would add this.

    t505: always had distortion whensending signal to the radio. tthis was also true with my touch pro and mogul. Would always turn volume to 80%

    S9 and S9-HD: no issues with volume. Both sets sound great. I turn the volume down on the phone hoping it will save a bit of energy but not sure it will.

    eclipse CD5030: audio is smooth and no issues with turning up the volume to max.

    moto BT-820 (think that is the model number): also no issue with hmax volume.

    all headsets have their own volume control but none of them clip when the phone volume is max. Only the T505 did which also broadcast a faint FM signal and sounded like it was ckipping.

    I know this will not help your coding adventure, bit hope it will help you find the root cause.

    I also would be happy yo test any of but I no longer have the T505. Hopefully someone who still has one will chime in.

    also look on webos internals as peiple are working on the bluez BT stack.
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    thanks scoob! Not really coding anything. Just doing the linux sysadmin thang. My thoughts are that if the 'palm' sampling config is lower quality, that using speex (default in ubuntu) may produce some good results. The phone still works with the changes. Haven't tried in the car yet. There's 2 feet of snow outside my door today (hence the time to do some pre hacking) :-)

    Another random note: Jeez, battery stuff spams the crap out of syslog. Less verbose, less frequent logging would likely get rid of some of the lag problems. Come on, Palm, ***?

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