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    Ever since I got my Pre around launch day I've been using Izymail to access my Hotmail email as an IMAP account, so that everything's always in sync with the server and I get immediate notification on new Hotmail emails.

    Recently - within the last weeks or month - it stopped getting incoming mail. Nothing new ever comes in anymore. Outgoing emails can be sent fine. I don't believe it's a problem with Izymail because I use the exact same settings on and it works fine for incoming and outgoing.

    I deleted the account off my phone and set it up again. The weird thing is that when I set it up, it will download ALL of the latest emails, even the ones that weren't being downloaded before, but it still won't ever download any new emails from that point forward.

    At this point I have no idea what else to try. Anyone have any suggestions for me?
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    One other quirk I noticed when I deleted and set the account back up that I don't remember being a problem before - maybe it's related...

    When I go to setup the new account, it first asks for email address and password. When I put in my Hotmail info, it automatically sets it up as a POP3 account, and I couldn't figure out a way to change it to IMAP to give it the settings that Izymail uses to enable IMAP access for the account. So I deleted it and started over, this time using a different non-Hotmail email account that I knew I had IMAP access to, then changed all the info to my hotmail info after the intial setup. However, it won't seem to let me change the email address itself that's listed under the account name.

    Not sure if this would be the problem or not. Is there a way to just create an account using the Hotmail address without it automatically forcing it to be a POP3 account?

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