I was going to write Xmas cards this weekend and discovered that all of the addresses that I had in my contacts had disappeared. I don't know when this happened or how... was wondering if anyone else had run across this and had a way to recover the data? Most of the info is still in my Pam Desktop database - should I go back through that process using the DTA to try and sync it back, or will that cause me to have duplicate entries?

I had a problem wherein every time I replied to or sent an email in gmail it would add these new contacts to my contact list. Very annoying, when you consider that this includes trash emails such as when replying to Craigslist ads. So I disassociated the gmail contacts with my Pre contacts, and have it set only to Palm. I don't know if this is when I lost the addresses, or maybe something else happened? The addresses are not showing in gmail either.

Very annoying stuff.

I would ask how to restore from backup, but I don't know when I had a good backup of this data. Grrrrr.

Many thanks,