Looking at firmware 1.3.1 on the Pre, if you assign a photo to a contact in your Contacts App, you can use that photo as a shortcut on your Launcher screen by selecting from the drop down menu 'Add to Launcher'. This will put an approximately sized 50x50 pixel icon onto the Launcher screen, this is always a jpg even if the original photo was a png.
These icons look fine as a nice square picture of someones face ..


But I wanted a link to a phone number that wasn't a person, for example a link to click on to activate my 'Call Forwarding' ..


This is a bit nastly looking with its coloured background, originally I wanted a png with a nice transparent background.
There is a method to replace this jpg with your own transparent png, firstly you need to be able to access the root folder of your Pre, I used WinSCP (my install method here .. http://forums.precentral.net/general...ed-my-pre.html )

Once 'rooted', look in your Pre's var/luna/files folder where you will find the launcher icons, copy them to your PC, open the jpg icon file you want to be a png with a transparent background using your image editing software and alter and save it, make sure it is the same pixel size ..


Copy this new icon back into the var/luna/files folder of your Pre giving it exactly the same name as the one it is to replace (but with .png and not .jpg of course).

Next, in your Pre go to folder var/luna/launchpoints, in here you will find a list of files, their names appear to be random numbers and they have no file-type. These are 'linking' info for the Pre to reference the correct icon, also contains text and other information. Double click on these one at a time until you find the one you want. WinSCP can open these to edit. Find the one that references the icon (jpg) you want to change, alter its file type from .jpg to .png. (see screenshot below, click to enlarge).


Save the amended file, unmount your Pre and reboot it. New transparent png icon should now be visible in the Pre's Launcher screen.

It goes without saying, be careful when modding your Pre's internals, keep back up files just incase something goes wrong. Try at your own risk.