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    I believe he means the gpu incorporated into the overall functionality of the OS like the iphone. It would speed up and smooth out things considerably. It would breath new life into old devices. If 2nd gen device were out, I would bet many would still buy a Pre or Pixi Plus because they would be able to get them rather cheap. You'd see a much larger increase in the user base and thus attract better app development.

    I would like to see active wallpaper with widget like capability. But I would hope to see something like that maybe in 1.5. I just want a true home screen agenda widget. Probably the single most thing I use on my Moment.
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    it should have voice commands, widgets on homescreen ( like weather status etc.) and some themes that you can change like on win 7.
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    Try and be a little realistic with what you would like HPalm to add into WebOS 2.0 for the Palm Pre. I say for the Pre because I feel it has many more options available for it to be improved then the Pixi would.

    I hope they add "some patches":
    Downloading in the Browser.
    Downloading YouTube Video's.
    Messaging client (all clients available "MSN, AIM, Jabber - XMPP, etc.).
    Gesture Click for "Middle Click Options".

    Also on the Phone:
    More Bluetooth abilities
    More control over whats actually in the cloud (and how long it is in the cloud before overwritten or removed).
    Closed Captioning for Video.
    Picture Editing (B/W, Sepia, Penciled, Stenciled, Negative).
    Video Recording (B/W, Sepia, Penciled, Stenciled, Negative).
    REAL - System Optimization (Boot time improvement, App load improvements).
    REAL - Battery improvements (This would come with the System Optimization).
    Microphone Audio Recording.
    Wireless Storage Option (No more USB storage, that's old school).
    Ability to Remove Stock app's (like Updates app is already integrated into the App Catalog so why have it's own icon).

    On the computer:
    HP Tunes (Like iTunes with all the syncing, but better).
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    The fastest way to install Preware on your WebOS device.
    Put your device in Developer mode.
    From your PC download the Preware installer from
    Run the Preware installer while the WebOS device is connected with the USB cable to your PC.
    Vualla Preware is installed.]
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