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    My pre sat on the touchstone tonight and apparently updated itself without asking. However, the update notification says "The system update 0 has been installed sucessfully. The new software is available immediately.", cf. enclosed screenshot. Device info still says 1.3.1, so no change. Any ideas what this system update 0 is? Anything to worry about?

    German O2 Pre, no homebrew, no patches
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    i got that yesterday also
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    This mysterious update worries me:

    - The Palm website is silent about it.
    - It installed without asking.
    - There are no further reports about this update, except for the confirmation of one other user who experienced the same.

    Is this update genuine or do I have malware? There are security issues with 1.3.1 that 1.3.5 will address and I wonder whether my Pre has been affected, in particular as I noticed reboots recently on three occasions: when opening a pdf, in youtube, and also with the internet browser.

    Did anybody else see a forced "system update 0"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jnk20 View Post
    Did anybody else see a forced "system update 0"?
    I just reset my phone and got that update when the reset was finished. I have no idea what it means.

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    *** is going on with all of these update thrads.

    I want 1.3.5 now plox
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    I had this massage too, when I disabled deeloper mode. after resetting the device it came up... don't know what it is
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    i just had the message, too. i let the pre run out of battery and left it alone charging. and when i came back a few ours later, it told me the "system update 0... " etc. i did NOTHING to my pre... id realy like to know what that is...

    i have a german o2 pre with FW no patches or preware etc...
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    I think this happened right before one of the other updates. As i recall it didn't cause any problems for the users it happened to.

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