Hi... first of all, I am a new member and a new Pre owner (and new to Sprint thanks to my fiancee)... I got it two weeks ago after turning in a Samsung Moment Android phone... I hated Android. At least on that phone. It really felt too much like a desktop operating system and I really wanted something simpler but better, so I went with the Pre and couldn't be happier...

That being said... is anybody worried about the future of the webOS and/or Palm? All that I ever hear about in the tech media is iPhone and Android. (Not even Blackberry. Isn't RIM still number 1 or 2 in the US? Nokia is still number 1 worldwide, but slipping?) . Anyway, I really like the webOS and find it so easy to use. I think it would be wise for Palm to have a Verison or AT&T version in the US. The more users, the more application support that webOS will get.

I would have loved an iPhone but the Pre is just as good in my opinion (based on my iPod touch), it just needs a bigger user base and more applications. I found apps for pretty much everything I needed, but more choice is always better.

I have lurked for a while and I am really happy to be a Pre owner and a member of this forum.