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    First: there is a broken image at the top of my google search page:
    (this is the best screenshot I could take as it kept scrolling down when trying to take it)

    Second: The first page of my google image search turns up blank. (also notice the same broken image in the middle of the page)

    If I go to the second page and then back to the first it works.

    I cleared the cache and history but I'm not sure what else to do to fix this. Any ideas??
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    this same thing happens to my phone. doesnt show that pic. dont no what it is. but doesnt really bother me. its still searches and what not
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    anyone else? The missing pic doesn't bother me much but its the image search thats more annoying.
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    clear history, cache and cookies often. The palm pre stock browser manages these three things poorly.

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    I'm not a big fan of the mobile version of Google's image search, but I don't experience the problem with the first page being blank.
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    I am experiencing the same issue and quite a few others also. Multiple taps are required to select things, too many cards open when only one is open, 2056 errors, browser slow and sometimes freezes, phone does not ring sometimes when someone calls, and a few intermittent other issues. All problems started with 1.3.1 and Palm has yet to aknowledge or fix any of this mess. Spent 3.5 hours with their tech support and still had no email service. Spent 2 days playing with it myself and finnaly got Gmail working again. Very disappointed with Palm. Will probably start looking at other options in the near future.

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