I have a script on my web server that accepts an emailed photo, posts it to an image gallery, and uses the Subject line as a caption.

I noticed that such messages sent from my Pre were cutting off after a certain small number of characters. So I sent an E-mail to myself and this is what I discovered in the raw headers:

Reply-To: "Zorin the Lynx" <xxx@xxx>
Subject: Test blah yes I'm trying to overflow the buffer blah blah this is a
long line that I'm typing I wonder what's interrupting the subject line. E
njoy the cute pic!
X-Mailer: Palm webOS v1.0.1

What the heck? Why is the WebOS email client doing this? No other E-mail client I have ever used does this, and it breaks a few things. It also causes images sent to Twitpic to have random spaces in their descriptions.

Is this a bug or a feature?