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    Hi all, having done some research on meta-doctor, I've gotten really stuck on one point. It says on the Internals page and forum thread that it 'Bypasses Carrier Activation'.

    My question is: What's the practical upshot of this? I can't find anything that actually describes what carrier activation is, can anyone give me a detailed explanation?
    At first, I thought it might allow bypass of the SIMLock, but that just seems a little too good to be true. Any thoughts?

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    The two major features of Meta-Doctor are, as you said, bypassing carrier activation and increasing the size of the /var partition.

    "Carrier activation" is really a misnomer. The first time a webOS device is used, either out of the box or following a Doctor visit, you must create or log into a Palm Profile. The problem is, this initial process requires a cellular Internet connection. If your device is not able to access cellular data, you will not be able to create a Palm Profile. Meta-Doctor skips the initial Profile creation, allowing you to create a profile later, or not at all.

    Increasing the /var partition allows you to install virtually unlimited apps. Make sure you install the latest Package Manager Service in order to make use of the extra space.
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    Many thanks! So I'm guessing skipping said activation allows you to go into the UI and activate WiFi, then go back and create a Palm Profile via that?

    And thankfully that won't be required with the 1.3.5 update! At least, if what the seeded devs say is true
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