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    Are memos included in the palm backup?

    If not, anyone know how to back them up?

    I've got a couple issues and need to completely reset the phone but want to keep the memos.

    The backup situation with this phone is asinine.
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    In my experience, sometimes they are backed up, and sometimes they are not. When I had to Doctor my phone 1/2 my memos came back. I know there is a way to extract the memo (and other) files from the phone via usb, but I don't know the instructions to do so. If you PM Shadavis08, I believe he has worked out how to do it.
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    On my first Pre-swap they were backed up. On my last one none of my memos showed up. I was really disappointed...
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    I've always had them backed up, I've hard reset, full erased, and doctored over 10x's and every time all the time my memos are there.
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    memos are in /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3 which means it makes no sense for the palm backup not to have done that. Just in case, though, if you have webos quick install, I would recommend using it to get that file on your harddrive to replace it yourself if something goes wrong in the palm backup.
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    Thanks so much I was getting worried as the doctor started performing surgery =0)

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