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    Just got a Pixi the other day, switched from a Blackberry. I am wondering about the Sounds & Ringtones menu. On my blackberry I had several different profile options. On the Pixi it seems like I only have two profiles, ringer switch on and ringer switch off. I have these set to Vibrate + Sound and just Vibrate. Is there no way to add a 3rd profile of Silent?

    Also is there no way to specify the sound played when a text is received? All I see it an option to change the default ringtone. Is there a way to make the phone vibrate when I receive an email?
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    Well, with homebrew patches, you can specify different sounds for each different text sender which I find very helpful as I know whether I want to even bother checking it or not. Of course, you can also specify individual ringtones.

    Agree that profile needs a lot more options. There is someone working on Quick System Tasks app which he is planning to add such features to have different profile settings, perhaps even based on GPS (ie if at work, phone will turn data off etc) which would be great

    Also, you can easily find many mobile ringtones and SMS sounds online to download in USB mode.

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