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    So, for the first time ever, I set up an alarm. Maybe I don't know how it's supposed to work, so please tell me if I've misunderstood. I went into the clock app, hit the little bell icon, and set up an alarm. I set it for 12:00pm on weekdays, and I set "Discreet" as the alarm sound. This was at about 11:15am. Almost immediately after setting the alarm, a notification popped up which just said "Alarm 12:00", but no sound. Is that what's supposed to happen? I was expecting it to do nothing until 12:00pm, at which point a notification and the alarm sound should happen.
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    Yeah that notification is just to alert you that there is an alarm scheduled, you can just swipe it away.

    I personally have had some problems with the alarm sometimes not going off the day I set it, but I heard most of these inconsistencies have been fixed.
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    Ah, good. I thought I did that, but maybe I didn't swipe hard enough.

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