I don't know if anyone is experiencing this, but I am having major data issues. Since the update to 1.3.1 I have noticed some really strange things. At least several times a day my phone will lose data. It always comes up with the notification sound and tells me that my phone has no data. Then 2 seconds later it goes back into EVDO. It also goes in and out of EVDO and 1X. Its become a real problem.

I have updated my phone settings and updated my PRL plus reset my phone a dozen times now. All have been of no help.

I also noticed that my emails do not synchronize with my Comcast. Before when I would delete something on the computer off of my inbox, it would then be subsequently deleted off of my Pre. This has since changed with the new update. Now I have to go and delete them off of my Pre too.

Anyone with problems like this please weigh in and let me know if I have to call Sprint and alert them to the problem.