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    WebGL Goes Mobile at Vladimir Vukićević

    A video showing webgl performance (as said during, without major optimizations) on an N900. I found it interesting and could be especially nice if used on the webOS platform (honestly with it's heavy-web based sdk it seems like a perfect fit).

    Just wanted to share it with everyone.
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    pre and pixi already support open gl, palm just needs to open up the gpu access
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    Yeah, but webGL will be the only way to use OpenGL on the Pre/Pixi unless Palm releases a native SDK. So webGL is very relevant/important.
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    That's some pretty exciting stuff. Performance like that with out optimizations - wow! However, these are developing standards. It's tough to build on a moving foundation. With web technologies at the core of WebOS, Palm would have to strike the just the right balance in timing when to use such things.
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    So is the nokia already ahead of our pre? It looks that way.

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