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    I've tried a few times to access my AKO email from the Pre with nothing but certificate errors to show for it. A forum search doesn't seem to indicate much if any progress any the issue. This is somewhat of a critical feature...well....let's be honest...accessing an imap/pop email account isn't a feature, it should just work. But it's critical and I'll likely have to switch phones if Palm doesn't fix this six month old problem. For those who don't know, AKO is the army's email system. My old HTC Touch could access it without any issues. Not sure why Palm can't put in a little work to make sure soldiers can get their email like everyone else.
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    Search "ako" and chose the thread after yours in the results lists. You need to export certs from your computer to the pre via usb and then trust the certs in the pre. Read thru the thread and you should be able to figure it out. (Although it is unauthorized to utilize AKO thru mobile devices - which I'm sure you knew already)

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