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    After upgrading to webOS 1.3.1, I noticed my Notification sounds are not using the "System Volume" preference. They now use the "Ringtone Volume" preference, which sucks. I want LOUD ringtones for phone calls (would prefer the volume ramp up like Treo). I want SOFT notification sounds (message, e-mail, etc.) Adjusting the "System Volume" only seems to affect the "throw card away" sound, which often does not play at all. Did anyone else notice it uses the stupid camera shutter sound now? Is that all this controls?

    Is there a way to control the notification sounds independently of the phone ringtones?
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    Good question, I've noticed this too. One of the many annoyances of 1.3.1.
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    +1 Anyone?
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    No there is not a way. 1.3.1 changed the functionality by linking text alerts to ringtone volume and removing it from system sounds. Yes, annoyance. Not sure why it was done but many don't like the change.
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    I wonder if anyone has escalated this with Palm?
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    +1 Anyone?
    +2 Squared!
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    Yup, same issue here. The ringtone volume is Sooooo low, if i turn it up, then my ear is blasted on a phone call. So i turn it down, then I miss calls.
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    I feel the opposite problem. The ringtone itself has a lot of highs in it and its much louder than the muted notification tone. When I'm in a relatively quiet office, I'd like the ringtone to be very low (because when I flip the ringer switch off I quite often miss everything unless the phone is right in my face) and I'd like the muted notification tone to be moderately louder. I may have to see if I can edit the raw audio files and bump up/down the levels to do this myself since Palm won't let me control the volume levels independently.
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    I haven't done this but I would think it would be possible to rework your ringtone MP3s so that the soft one is quieter than the louder one. Even if you wanted the same ringtone, you could have two versions, same song, different volumes. As you adjust the volume up and down while in use, they would move together, but remain an equal distance apart on the volume scale.
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