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    I did a Full Erase Reset, topped off by a complete wipe and reinstall using webOSdoctor. I also created a new profile, then changed its data to match the old profile so the old profile would get wiped out.

    My current profile has the same e-mail address as before. Same phone, same number, same credit card, etc. etc.

    The App Catalog now has forgotten what apps I previously purchased and will not allow me to re-download and install for free. Apps I already paid for are gone. The App Catalog won't let me get them back unless I pay again.

    Anybody know a way to fix this issue?
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    your "paid" apps are stored on your profile. A new profile means having to pay for apps again as if you have never done it before.
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    Yeah, once you wiped the old profile you kinda threw away your apps.
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