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    Is there anyway to completely remove the update from my phone? I'm just not happy with how sluggish it is and want to go back to how it was. I never had any problems with the old version so I don't mind using the old one.

    I haven't had my phone long so I was debating returning it and getting a new one if there's no way to remove 1.3.1
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    I, also, would like to roll back to previous version. Wasn't having any problems with my phone prior to 1.3.1. No patches applied. Every morning since 1.3.1. update I now am greeted with the "Too many cards open" message, even though no cards are open. The Pre must be rebooted to clear this error, a real drag.
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    One way I know how to Roll back your OS is to use an earlier version of the WebOS doctor. I used the doctor to go back to 1.2. I do not have a link to any earlier versions of the doctor but you might be able to track one down in these forums. Hope this helps
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    Is there a simple way to stop the phone from trying to auto-update?
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    Yes there is. From

    Blocking Updates - WebOS Internals

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