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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulsebuyer View Post
    Considering this was posted 4 hrs ago, chances are at the end of the month
    It could just as easily mean next week. They're not usually going to give an exact date because if they do, people will complain if it's a day later than that. They said February at CES, they're still saying February.
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    Better 'later this month' than 'coming soon' since soon sometimes take forever to happen.
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    I'm tired of rumors that don't prove will come when it's done and ready.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
    Better 'later this month' than 'coming soon' since soon sometimes take forever to happen.
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    I just realized that mobile world congress is soon. You guys think that 1.4 will be released around or before that time?
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    Strange, my palm rep told me they were skipping 1.4 alltogether and going straight to 1.6. hmmmmmmm.........
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    Nope. They're not even presenting. No real purpose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by algPre View Post
    wondering if anyone had already talked about how to receive 1.4...
    take the patches out - using quick install app
    install 1.4 and wait for updates of patches to 1.4
    install patches using Preare as they come up dated to be used in 1.4

    is this correct still?
    will this ever change?

    up to now, I have been fortunate to not have ever a problem with this process..I do have about 40 patches and things installed and quite happy with them and the stability of my phone.

    any comments or suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by ShiftyAxel View Post
    You no longer need to remove patches due to AUPT. Just update them all via Preware as soon as the update finishes.
    That is unless you have not recently updated your Preware to the latest version. Its suggested that you do that ASAP if you are on a Preware verion older than a few weeks ago.
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    Ruby called, and left a message saying "sorry for the delay 1.4 was caught in traffic"....idk what to make of that though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathsArrow View Post

    Later means later, not necessarily late in the month.
    +1 Later specifies nothing except "not now"
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    this next update will knock out a "major" in my book. The only other things I'm waiting for are:

    1. Improving menus to be more fluid like Iphones

    2. Adding function to download, extract and install files from the net directly from pre
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    and they said released to carriers. not released to the public. sprint/vz have to sign off on it before it can be released. could we get an assymetric sprint/vz release?
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    Quote Originally Posted by awrnsmn View Post
    I'm tired of rumors that don't prove will come when it's done and ready.
    But that's not necessarily true either. Many times a product/upgrade is "done and ready" but it is held back due to strategic timing or because they're waiting on partners.

    I'm not saying that's what's happening, but Palm is a company that rarely gets any media attention so they may have to wait for the right moment in order to get headlines, or they may be waiting on Adobe for whatever reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by showmrock View Post
    2. Adding function to download, extract and install files from the net directly from pre
    I don't know how, but when I was doing the MHS hack, it let me download all the necessary files from my Pre browser.... put them in the "Downloads" folder in the USB drive..

    anyone else have similar success?
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    All I know is im finding the lack luster news a dull reminder. Theres been virtually 0 useful webos palm news for awhile. Its all just app updates, app reviews, commercials, and tv sightings. I crave some palm news.

    The fact that palm at ces stated will be available in feb was kinda of cheap shot since we all know now that carriers are going to have to test it out. I wouldn't be suprised if it doesn't get released in feb. Palm should have stated that it would be released to carriers in feb at ces instead of getting everyones hopes up.

    Ehh.. im ranting due to lack of luster in the news.
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    I agree with Klownicle. We need some real Palm or WebOS related news about now. Palm's stock is going up and down but that's due to what other carriers and companies are doing, not anything Palm has done. I want an official update from Palm on the status of the 1.4 release. I want to know when the carriers are getting it (are we sure they don't already have it?). It's time to give us loyal customers something to grasp for with this update. We need more than "later." I'm getting bored. lol
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    2/15 is the word on pre central home page. 1.4 is almost upon us.....
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    That's just a rumor post, not "official" news...
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