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    I think we should ask casperstar(the need for speed guy) maybe he will know...
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    NO BODY NOWS!!!!!!!! ( wa wa wa wa wa wa) charlie brown teacher voice
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    I would like to see the words 'sly dog' put under an NDA.
    that's how i talk, chap.
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    people that don't believe facts should just stick to using the iphone or droid...or even better, preorder the ipad
    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    facts dont really carry much weight around here with the rumor mill peeps.
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    Wait a minute, rumors have been posted here before?
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    Im pretty sure that my laptop has a fixed lens but it has auto-focus and also face tracking software. but on the same subject im also pretty sure it wont be implemented in 1.4. or maybe even ever.
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    Maybe this has more to do with a software change in the Extended Depth of Field? But I'm just guessing, I have no idea.
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    All we need now is fake screen shots showing some one already downloaded it. Or the "hey did you hear 1.4 is released!!!!"
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    It would be totally awesome if it was released in the middle of the night, like 3:00 AM or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Im pretty sure that my laptop has a fixed lens but it has auto-focus and also face tracking software. but on the same subject im also pretty sure it wont be implemented in 1.4. or maybe even ever.
    And I'm positive it hasn't. fixed = NOT auto-focus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Mo View Post
    While you can't add auto-focus with software alone, it is feasible to tweak the ISO level, exposure length, white balance, and then apply a software filter that might be able to clean up something like a black and white barcode enough to decode it.

    Just think of it as a scene mode on a real digital camera. A camera can only guess at what it's "seeing" and can usually get it right. But, if you tell it exactly what you want it to "see," it performs much better.

    Whether or not it's actually possible with the Pre, I have no idea. Just saying it's feasible.
    I think you're on the right track. Apply a software based sharpening filter is possible. Maybe not for all images, like faces, but for black and white barcodes it could work fine. An Unsharp Mask Filter for the Pre's camera.
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    1.4 Might be released on the 15th?? I hope not because thats my birthday and I'ma be to busy and wasted to update!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mullrat View Post
    Pre user "Yay it's Feb 1st we're gonna get the update any time now!"

    Palm "Yay we have til Feb 29th to push out the update!"

    Verizon "We sell the pre? Damn...."
    Well I seriously hope you're wrong. If Palm's waiting until 2012 to release 1.4 they will be really behind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by windzilla View Post
    I'm not going to get even mildely concerned about the liberties that artical takes when the primary source. being just a forum post on sprints boards never says anything about a delay, but just says a timeframe that overlaps with the current one we are expecting (febuary being part of q1)

    furthermore, a poster on the forums asks the sprint rep to clarify, to which the sprint rep says they will, but have yet to do so (I am paraphrasing alot)

    so, basically some article is taking liberty with a post online, taking "later" and making it into "late". In reality there really isn't too much to go off of in terms of calling anything a "delay"
    also since sprint has to test every update, how is testing this one a "delay?"
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    idk, better 1.4 be delayed than my girlfriends . I guess.
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    Doesn't mean anything. Sprint didn't say it would be delayed. I take it as the author of this article as interpreting what sprint says as meaning its delayed for testing but this is not likely. We've had a lot of updates with this phone. If i recall right one came out 4days after apple kicked palm off itunes. These updates are tested quickly its not like sprint wants to waste time. Palm prob already turned it in for testing and sprint will clear it soon. This isnt a delay. Delaying it would only cost sprint money. After this update the pre is on par with the iphone and if sprint advertises the new capabilities like video recording and editing they have a chance to increase sales big time.
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    How does the iphone 3gs do auto-focus? I'm pretty sure it has a fixed lens.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Whether I had a NDA or not; I think I would spill the beans after 10 or 12 beers.
    Oh well.
    Hard to spill what you aren't told. NDA or not.

    Besides, he meant 15th in base 16.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    I think what most of the complainers are trying to say is that it has been way too long for flash to finally come out from the deep shadows, and I too agree with them somewhat, but not to the extent of posting complaints all day. I know this topic has been over bi_ched about already but in reality I think we are all just dying to see what its like having a Flash player on a phone. Sure life would be better if people weren't so impatient but I think Palm needs every customer it can take from the iHog and 1.4 will do just that. I know this is corny but meet the New God Phone baby and it's on multiple networks
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    I bet they're thinking it would make a nice V-day present for us, but I'm pretty sure all of us wouldn't mind opening that present a couple weeks early

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